I’ve taken pictures since I was a teenager. Then, as I grew older I took pictures of vacation trips. When my children were born I became the family chronicler and eventually graduated from a "point and shoot" to several iterations of SLR’s and took as many pictures of my two boys playing sports as possible. Along the way I took pictures of other players and distributed pictures to other parents at the end of the season and saw their appreciation of seeing their child in action in print.

I taught Social Studies for 35 years and used paintings and photographs in the classroom to inform and teach students about their world. The past six years have been spent teaching American History to seventh and eighth grade students in Greece, NY a suburb of Rochester, NY. I’ve photographed the students in my classes as they’ve performed skits and taken class trips.

I am still learning what makes a powerful image from reading and from other teachers, artists and photographers. As I’ve gotten close to retirement I see photography as a way to stay connected to the world, to continue to learn and to be able to create something pleasurable that someone else may see as a value to them. I am currently concentrating on taking images of nature and architecture. I’m a member of a Nature Photographers Meetup group in Rochester and continue to take courses to improve my abilities. In retirement from teaching I look forward to learning about photography and networking with others in the Rochester photographic community.

Any of the images you see may be bought as a note card or as a single image that may also be matted or matted and framed.

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